Finding a Sunscreen You Can Really Trust


Been lots of sunscreen news in the headlines. Lately at the end of last year we had the perito debacle aka perito gate. Of course. There are beloved korean sunscreen and it was exposed for not living up to the claims on its label. I think the label says it's fifty and in reality. It proved in a lab to only be. Spf nineteen left a lot of people upset and confused and then more recently crave beauty just announced that it was pulling its cult. Favorite each shield antioxidant rich day fluid. I'm saying that in quotes because there's no spf in the name. So we wanted to get your expert. Take to unpack like. What is the problem. That's going on here in this moment because we have some trust issues with sunscreen now size seems like this true related problems Going on the bus one. Which i've talked about before is just spf. Testing is really tricky. It's just yeah. You can't get very consistent ratings from a single sunscreen if you tested in different labs if you tested in different countries and part of this is because we still tested on human beings. We still tested on usually about ten volunteers. We put it on skin and then we burn them science. We see how long it takes for them to stop burning which is how he got the spf number so the spf number is how much she takes to stop burning buses. How she baskin takes to stop

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