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We have a lot of interesting questions today. And if you're concerned about your cholesterol numbers and as a nutritionist. We see that all the time all we all my gosh pretty much every day right. Yes yes you know. And or maybe you've had a blood vessel blockage and maybe you've even had a stint and you're wondering about what caused it and you want to do something about it Or the other. One that's overriding is why is cardiovascular. Disease the number one killer of people in america. I mean what's going on. So we have a lot of questions. And we have a really popular author with us today dr stevens matsui and he is the author of the thirty day heart tuneup in so he's got a looking address. The myth about cholesterol in. Why statin medications may not be the best answer for your heart health. So i'm arlene vist. I'm a certified nutrition specialist and our co host is caroline hudson who is a registered and licensed dietitian so. Welcome this morning to you. Thank you dr. It's so great to see you the whole my gosh. How long has it been. Since i've seen here feel like oh well at least a year and a half i think so. Good morning. everyone and welcome to dish nutrition. So you may be wondering. Who is this. Dr stephen mosley. Well he is a physician and author. And dr mosley stephen massey's also a nutritionist. But i have to actually put this other plug in here. He's not just a nutritionist. But he is a fellow of the american college of contrition. So that's pretty high that right. He's also a trained chef. And the creator of the pbs tv special thirty days who younger heart in the life has a lot of people saw that and listen to it. We'll obviously it's a very very special so today we're going to focus on his most recent book the thirty day heart to which not only tells us about how to prevent heart disease but also how to reverse heart disease and i think that's really really important. How do we reverse this.

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