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Fore Play


Four play presented by barstool sports. Once again we did a lap behind the scenes. I will say that may have been our best one so that could be a factor in that but that was. Do you guys agree. That was best. Clap part for sure. I mean it was just instinct. I actually didn't hear frankie clap. But i'm going to believe that. That was our best clap yet. I think that's the goal is if you don't hear anybody else clap. That's probably a sign that we did it. Really well true We have presented by marshall sports. We have brought to you by. Owens mixers have ones mixtures right in front of me right now. They were just in forbes. I believe shave. Just raise millions of dollars for another round of funding because it's going so well because they make delicious product now this cucumber lime. Got right here has long long. Been my favorite. But this little grapefruit line has been making a huge. I would say a kind of charge last several months due to all the paloma chatter on this show The point being able a lot of good choices but paloma is a great cocktail. That i'm pretty into right now. Any time you're associated with forbes. You're doing something right. If you're on any sort of list things are going well and it's no surprise. That owens is on that list we love it. We got the barstool transfusion when this comes out. It'll be transfusion. Thursday rigs his whole not. The beautiful can right now so go get that. Get all the different kinds. I mean they have so many different great flavors that it's seemingly endless their public they're like seventy five hundred. Cvs is i think. Mario lemieux investor lee brice investor. Now so i mean we're getting some big names on the owens mixers Train and in the forbes article was awesome to just read like how barstool has been a huge and especially the four play golf. Podcasts has been a huge catalyst for bringing them into this new like like. They had to adapt because they were so in concert. Venues and the best bars and all that stuff and then all of a sudden shutdown to wear to you like move to. It's like all right golf courses and getting them into the every single golf club and us pumping it on every single podcast. So i wanna make sure is just killing it absolutely killing it. My dad loves making paralysis. He was like he did that. Promo video the with just like three mixers going into triple handing them so it's It's a really good product and it also saves you in situations. I went to borelli's italian restaurant the other day. And i ordered a paloma like an idiot because i'm like i'm just gonna i'm just are drinking these things and whatever. It's not really an italian restaurant. Drink so the bartenders. Like all right. Just tell me how to make it Because like she knew kind of but didn't really know we just didn't have the correct ingredients with a grapefruit juice but not like the grapefruit soda so like everything was like a little more bitter and i drank black thick. This stinks but if we had the owns mixers like grapefruit soda and soda a mixer. Like that's just paloma that you just mix in a little tequila and it's over sweet. It's tasty look you're showing them right now. Grapefruit and lime like that's just nice. That's just done for you. You don't have to worry about it so Whether you're at a restaurant here at home you can be a perfect mixologist with this shit. I'm telling you it is a game changer. Yeah it is while they're on amazon. Touts you can order it right to your door but it is wild. Because i remember it was around superbowl time. What would have been last year. So twenty twenty before the world shutdown before corona and we were chatting with the guys and a huge part of their push was going to be. You know we're going to. Hey let's come up with his transfusion. Let's do the taste testing. Let's make sure we get the branding and the canned right and we're gonna have it in stadiums. We're going to have at concert venues. We have these great contracts and then pretty much like the day after we signed a contract and started working together. Just none of those things have occurred sense. Not one concert not one live thing you know. So they did do an insane in the fact that they're on forbes of adapting of say okay. Well let's get it. You know into as many now retail stores weekend get available on amazon. Let's have our website cranking so people can order it directly to their door opens mixtures dot com save an awesome job congrats to those guys josh and the crew over there who we know pretty well congrats to them and congrats all of our listeners. Because you can just get this stuff delivered and have awesome cocktail so big. Thanks to allen's and good work by them the ms we have the ms on that show Pretty there's so there's an inside running joke here on four play about the ms and it's not malicious but it's that you know we were originally supposed to have them on maybe ten months ago It got cancelled then. We're supposed to have them on. Maybe six months ago it got cancelled and so there was a long running joke. You know what we're just never going to have the ms on. He's wwe personalities. On ms. and mrs like he's on he got his start with obviously the real world back of the day and became huge through that and so he's got a great story of taking fifteen minutes of fame turning into a legitimate celebrity but he's got the wwe personality so we weren't sure where it came on like. We're kind of do our own little inside joke about like the mrs never gonna end up on this show and it's funny and at one point during the show. Frankie actually just yelled fuck you the ms to him because of his. Wwe personality so it was a very funny. Yeah it's just that name. Like the ms just kept popping up on on google calendars and then we'd all get ready for the interview. And somehow either. We had to cancel or he had to postpone it. And it's just like fucking ms man like this guy just somehow slithered through our hands for a couple of months. It's just like what is the ms do.

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