A highlight from Wisdom from Ethiopian Running Culture -Interview with Dr. Michael Crawley


Is interfering with your condition as we're going to hear about on the podcast today all right so before we jump into our conversation with michael crawley. Let's give some shoutouts what's going on out there in. Mta land as we call it. This comes from heidi. She says. I smashed it six minutes off my previous half. Pr for a time of two hours. Twelve minutes and forty six seconds thanks. Mta for the training plan. I pretty much followed to a t. And it paid off having the paces in the plan really makes a difference. I wouldn't push myself hard enough. Otherwise i got a set a new goal. Now love it will done. And we'd like to say congratulations to jen. Who is a client of mta coach. Henri she ran the derby half marathon in louisville coach. Henry said that throughout her training she worked hard nailed her workouts and persevered through some challenges and she ran her best half in a few years and had a negative split. But she also wrote this to coach henri which he was really pleased to hear. She said i felt pretty strong and had very positive. Self talk the whole way. There's another woman really suffering in the last mile and encouraged her and brought her in with me. It's great to have enough mental energy for both of us. Hey that is good when you are able to have your cup. Overflowing as they say and be able to encourage other people have certainly been plenty of racists. Were people need encouragement. That's right and sometimes you're in the position where you need the encouragement but it's great to be in the position where you can encourage someone else to finish strong angie. Do you remember one year at the marine corps marathon and some guy was like moaning and groaning. And you're like you can do it. Come on only five more miles. And he says no. I can't no it was at the Wine glass marathon including new york. I remember vividly Yeah just guy sounded like he was in absolute agony moaning and groaning very vocal negative. Self talk and so i kind of came up alongside him said you know you're doing great. You only have whatever the distance was. Just keep moving forward. You can do it. He's like no. I can't like yes you can't he's like no i can like all right. Well good. I'm i can't help you anymore. Party reverse psychology. Well i was trying to pr. So i didn't really want to waste a lot of time in this counseling session. But i hope he finished. We got this nice note from patty. She says yahoo yesterday. Pr and boston qualified at the glass city marathon in toledo ohio. I'm so grateful that. I chose to train for this marathon. Using one of angie's training plans. I stuck to the plan in absolutely paid off. I'm a fifty one year old runner who finally reached a huge running goal of mine. I wouldn't be where i am today without. Mta and she says thank you thank you. Wow thank you for those nice words so glad the plan worked out and you. Pr and be cued. You're going to be celebrating that for the rest of your life. That is so exciting. I remember that feeling. I don't follow my training plants. Pr but i've never be queued. But i'm sure it must feel amazing and this note comes from jill. She's an academy member. She says bucket list go completed my first perhaps only one hundred miler dun dun dun thanks to everyone in this group for helping me to stay motivated and focused for others like me who embrace the pain of distance running but are too slow to meet most cut off times for runs of this distance. Consider time based runs. I signed up for the seventy two hour challenge at the jackpot ultra and it was a fantastic decision. I felt motivated throughout but not pressured while one hundred miles congrats jill. On completing that epic distance. We actually get to meet her in person five or six years ago. Yeah she's just a go getter and just so in awe of what she was able to accomplish. It congrats all you out there trying to accomplish big things in your running keeping it real. I know this interview will be interesting. We are talking with a social anthropologist. Dr michael crowley who is assistant professor at the university of durham in the uk. His book is called out of thin air. Running wisdom and magic from above the clouds in he actually went and lived and trained for fifteen months in ethiopia. It was part of his doctoral work He wrote a dissertation later. About some of the stuff that you're going to hear about the book more of like a popular level. Layman's look at you. Know his time there. Yeah it was just a fantastic look inside and the running culture there. I found it especially interesting. Because two nieces from ethiopia that was just a really neat look into the country. I think he did a great job as an anthropologist of building relationships and really detailing what his life was like there and some of the training methods and philosophies that he talks about I think we'll be relatable and can be applied to our own running so oh i should also mention that. Michael is an accomplished runner himself. He's run a two twenty marathon so without further ado. Here's our conversation with dr michael crowley.

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