Beyond Meat Launches Beyond Burger 3.0


Of the things. I think it was interesting about beyond three point. the. They adjusted the formula a little bit. I think they actually got rid of mung protein. Which i thought was interesting because they added in two point. Oh what any kind of other things that are that you would note about this royce. No the press release. They came out with their. Here's what i do know the press release says it's meteor and juicier for whatever that means the rep told me that they did get rid of the mung protein. They're still pea protein. Based and then it'll be available in stores. Nationwide starting next week on may third. We kinda thought. Something was up. Because i tried to buy directly from their side. A few weeks ago noticed you couldn't and so. Those notions were kind of confirmed this week. So i'm definitely like i enjoy beyond my son really likes it so i'm curious to see how it reformulated. I'm excited to try it. Yeah pepsi versus coke analogy to certain degree in the post to you wondered if that was like this could potentially be a new coq. Ron do you think this kind of a related sites kind of site. Thought as i think that some people have thought that this may be too much power. Aggregating at the top of these new meat brands. What are you. What are your thoughts about beyond. Do you think that's happening. I actually don't think it's happening. Because i was actually i was actually listened. Kinder tech. some people were talking that they try and keep track they. There's eleven hundred plant based food companies. That's not including the cellular of companies. Were around now. They just they hunt them down. And so what's happening is the whole plan is like going into all these little companies. That are starting up. Each one of them has a different angle for a different regional part of the cuisine or different product that similar. And so we're gonna get a lot of

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