A highlight from The Best Music Of April: NPR Staff Picks


Years ago a website popped up in stockton california and conspiracy. Theories started ramping way up been funded by conservative movement underneath the table. Now the gosh you guys people really believe this. What happens when the local news outlet is in fact checking conspiracy theories maybe encouraging them listen. Now from npr's visibility podcast. You're connected to all songs considered. I'm bob boylan on this week. Show the npr music. Staff picks their favorite music of the month. Gone by. and so it's the best of april and we begin with npr music writer and editor mersa lucile and her pick for best album was head of roses by flock of dimes. You probably know jen wachner from the band wi oke but this is actually her second solo record as of dimes. And if you're a fan of bands like sylvan esso or hand habits or landlady you're in luck because members of all of those groups contributed to this record to a lot of songs on this album are about the dissolution of a romantic relationship and she takes a lot of different angles on that theme. I think you can hear that in the sounds of the songs to like. They're these big beautiful indie rock songs with amazing guitar. Solos and then there are these sparse tender ballads. My favorite song on the record is actually one of those ballots. It's called awake for the sunrise paints heartbreak and nostalgia and healing all at one song.

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