A highlight from Is Work Life Balance a Myth with Megan Hyatt Miller - 681


Always loved my down. We've always been close but he was really absent emotionally physically all that kind of stuff growing up. I remember a lot of that or remember him coming home. This laptop and going into the green lazy boy chair and are kind of mustard colored living round. And you know he would just eat dinner quickly and then go back to work in and you come home from work and go back to work what it makes you feel like when you're a kid it makes you feel like you're not important pay. Thanks so much for tuning in today. Really important conversation about the myths and misconceptions when it comes to work and life and creating balance my guest today is megan hyatt miller. She is the daughter of michael. Hyatt's some of you might know michael high. He's been on the show before. I'm a big fan of both of theirs. She is

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