Live in 5th Dimension and 500+ LOC Energy Field

Merkaba Chakras


Well time to a nether episode of moore kaba child rise. I'm your host vaughn goats and day. We discuss how to make your home phone. And any inanimate object resonate at a five hundred or higher energy field according to dr. David are hawkins map of consciousness. Students and engineers clayton stedman and jeffrey stegman. These two gentlemen found a way to create technology that sends the higher levels of consciousness to clients all over the world which benefit every sentence being within a three hundred feet radius. So with clayton jeffrey. Welcome to macabre chaka's thank you yeah This is going to be a fun one but you guys have this very wonderful wonderful tradition. That you guys do before you start any Any of these interviews in which is to kind of set a rare with some positive intentions blessings for the audience. That listens to it. So i'm going to give you the platform and go ahead and begin one of the things we typically do is we We say a little prayer before meetings. Nfl f. e. and we find that when we have a little moment of silence of say a few few invocations and express our gratitude that our meetings go while we started this with web web ours. In and podcast. So we'll just share that with you. So i'll go first and then invite von to Can wrap it up if that works for everybody.

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