A highlight from A Masterclass In Reconstruction with Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff


Steady strap into the people of god and everything. You say everybody. I'm so happy to be here. Welcome to this edition of on one with angela. Rye and is a super special edition. Because i'm also filling in for my good sister. Brenna lisa garza for lady. Don't take no so lady. Don't take no listeners. It is i- angela rye guest hosting for your girl lisa garza and today. I have an extremely special guest. He is someone who is who me going and coming on all things. Police reform equity abolition defunding. All the things. Especially when there's that involved i'm talking about none other than the ceo and co founder of the center for policing equity. Dr phillip a tiba goff. Thank you welcome how you doing. Hey how're you doing days. So i'm going to jump in. We normally do something called a rapid round on rabid round You know we try to have a little fun you know right now. It is Such a heavy time in our community and so we could use a little levity because the podcast is going to be heavy. You're going to teach us and we also have to get into some issues that you know we care deeply about in our community and it's not always a great state of affairs right now but we certainly want to get to better. And i know we'll do that. With warner side so let's jump into rapid round first things first. Well let me ask you this. I really used to rack now. Now now i was told that nobody had done a full google search on me before this all showed up because there's no way to demonstrate that the person who had locked down to his behind the same person's me all that that photo evidence i rebuke it. Yes i was in a hip hop ensemble. When i was in graduate school. I mostly was on the ones and twos. I play keyboard. And i played bass and say i'm moaned in the background and i wrote spoken word which they put over beats which i guess you could call rhyming okay. We'll tell me what your name was. When you said rapper. The now see you asking questions you know the answer to and you don't need to do all this but so they called me the. Lsp stood for the That was i was just like. Is this parrella had to ask you raise on the vessel. We're going to get any. Let's go in then. Here's the thing since you were a rapper at least over a b. And you know that. This month is national poetry month. Do you want to bless us with any bars right quick now. I don't know why you would ask for that. I am not really bad poetry So my my life before this my legit life. Before being academic professional nerd is that i was a professional musician. Not just to see but in fact now really am see. I was a singer So i ran the the gospel choir in college and i- legit could sing a little bit. I could play bass a little bit every voice. You wanna give lift every voice. So i don't know why you wanna get deep into into any way i actually can give you a It may not be scientific but it is a psychological reasons for why my good friend dr phillip but tiba goth you are well read and so. Perhaps you have read resume. Kim's my grandmother's hands have you read this book. My goodness okay. Sure yeah let's go. let's go there. Yes so so. We really gonna do this then. The place goes to the sorrow songs because we end up talking about abolition which means we're gonna talk about do boys and you boys in eighteen ninety nine. He writes philadelphia negro. He was so proud he did. All this came to my city. I said yeah. This is what we we all get into. And the university of pennsylvania said all that noise. That's two black for us so in nineteen. Oh three after losing a child he says but i can curse. You're right. I'm allowed to carry. Yes yes he said and he says every single chapter. He started with sorrow songs. The top as epigraph right so if we wanted to say.

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