Tips to Optimize Your 'Work From Home' Setup


My first tip is to dedicate a workspace. Don't just work from anywhere at home. This is a big no-no dedicate a room. If you can with a door that you can close or corner of a room where that's just like the working corner. You only said there or you stand there. You work from there. When you're working on your business you don't work anywhere else. You don't work on your balcony with your laptop. You don't work on your table and you don't go there to relax okay. This allows you to say this is the workplace. I go there to work now. I know there's other people but we're going to create some incentives or some other systems allow you to Little easier on yourself but a dedicated workspace is very important. Make sure the space conducive for you to work me. There are no distractions. I like just a clear table or desk where i can. Just sit there with my notebook. My laptop my screen and just go for the less distractions better. Because i'll be forced just to get to work. One of the tactics. I like to do is create a to do list at the end of my day for the next day so i have my work cut out for me. The first thing in the morning. I know exactly what i'm gonna do. I have all my list of to. I'm ready to go now. There is an advantage of working from home. There's no commute back and forth. There is no wasted time where you're chatting with other people that's going to add up. You know you can add up two hours a week even just going out for lunch or going to the bathroom could be quite a hike and all those minutes add up. So why am i mentioned as well because you're probably trying to work the same amount of hours that you spend in the office including you know the time that you're you're working when you don't have to commute when you really shouldn't you really should incentivize yourself to finish early so if you finish everything you're supposed to do today. You should not continue working okay. I like to wake up earlier. Five in the morning. And i start my day that way but i spend about two hours Getting ready having breakfast reading just setting myself up for the day. I start working at seven. And if you're being totally honest yourself if you get five solid hours of work that's probably queant to eight hours in an

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