A highlight from 701: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S1E1 Review: 'New World Order'



Call some people. Welcome back to maximum overdrive. One division may be over but killing. Egmont done melton. I at least schweitzer are not done with a fantastic marvel shows on disney plus and we are so excited to reconvene to discuss the falcon and the winter showed soldier. Like i said. I only miser and with me is kelly gaumont. How do you do. And don melton howdy. Howdy for those of you. Who piece out on the first nine episodes of this podcast a little bit of housekeeping as to how this show works. We have a ceremonial assignment of the episode. Recap then we react to what we saw discuss. Riffle little talk about we didn't like and then finally we have a segment that from now on we're gonna call really where donald dropped some serious marvel knowledge and kelly and i both go really and then find out more so that's your maximum overdrive formula. We're going to play it to as many marvel centric shows as we feel fit to cover. And now let's begin with everyone's favourite preliminaries the ceremonial assignment of the recap. Don would you like to do the recap this week. Hell no okay. Kelly would you like to recap this week. You know. I took a shot at writing. Went down in case you wanted a week off so i mean you could. Oh my god. Oh my god. I don't even know what to do with this because this eight i wrote one. Two awesome r kelly. How about you. Let's have you do a recap all right. i put it on you like the whole of division. I i thought we were gonna do a a battle you know we could. We could both recap and see what we pay attention to because if we do it that way because my recaps like she hundred words like if we do that this way then we can point out the stuff we pay attention to and then we read into the reaction segment so kelly. Let's start with the recap. Okay we open on sam irregular suit. And he's recalling. That steve rogers told him the shield doesn't belong to him then. We get dramatic reveal of a leather bag for the shield. You know when you need to travel incognito. We have a hard cut to an airplane. Where major exposition gives. Sam the lowdown on a new terrorist organization. That's very scary. And very mysterious. Sam in a falcon suit this time dives out of the plane and proceeds to discover. The other plane has already been hijacked by these bad guys and reports this turn of events to man on the ground online chatter tours we discover our bodies have loads of men and also loads of aircraft as they chase bad guys through the air and other helicopters and have a good old fashioned marvel throwdown. The falcons saves the gay. And the guy who got kidnapped torres are hanging out and having coffee while sam. Does some repair work on part of his suit. We get more exposition here about how those bad guys are bad. But they're nowhere near as bad as these other bad guys we mentioned a blip here. I think mostly for timeline purposes online chatter torres. Says he'll keep an eye on these new bad guys and call sam if things get interesting. Then we get a brief brief conversation about conspiracy theorists which hits a lot different now than it did when they shot it. Sam says he's off to washington and we discover he's headed to the smithsonian talk about cap rhody watches from the front were from the front row as lisa officially falls in love with this show. Sam gives a lovely speech about needing heroes to match our times. And how symbols need people behind them. He hands over the shield rodion. Sam ketchup while strolling through a captain america exhibit that makes mention of bucky barnes hydra and sakaba accords road. Wants to know why. Sam didn't take up the shield his own. Damn self and sam says it wasn't his take road trips to give sam the soft sell on. Why maybe he should reassess that stance hard cut to a hotel where some people at a conference have just returned. And they're standing in the lobby. Some generic bad guys are in the vicinity. And you can tell. They're bad guys because they have security the security guys get eliminated and then the actual guys are waste to buy the winter. Soldier crushes the windpipe of the final guy. He says hail hydra. And let's the dude at the floor. One of our conference attendees is standing at the end of the hall. Trying to get his key in the lack and he keeps repeating. He didn't see anything but the winter soldier pulls out a gun when he takes the shot. Bucky wakes up. We see it was all a nightmare as bucky is sleeping on the floor of a barely furnished apartment. Now we're off to a therapy session. Where our man bucky says. He hasn't been having nightmares and his therapist says she knows. He's lying. One of the conditions of his pardon is that she makes sure he's not going off the rails anytime soon so he might as well come out with it already. They haven't entertaining leered adversarial relationship bucky relates a story about crossing the names off his list according to her rules. And he's basically tap dancing on all of these rules. His therapist takes his home phone and points out. He's ignoring text. Messages from sam and it has basically no numbers in it. His flip phone monkey tells us he had a moment of quiet in macondo but before that he went from one fight to another for ninety years so he wasn't really sure what he wants to do now. He says he wants peace and his therapist calls. Shenanigans buggies then walking down the street. And here's a disagreement and he intervenes because one of the people involved as an older man. He's supposed to be having lunch with today. His grumpy friend says he's not in the mood to have lunch today until bucky

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