The Mongols: From Nomads to Conquerors


Far back into recorded history. The mongols were just one of the many nomadic tribes on the steps of this asian region. It is not very clear if the various mongolian tribes that inhabited that region were related. It's been alleged. They were their primary source. Ocupation was hurting. Domesticated animals horse were the most prized obviously used for heard control but also used for transport and as military mounts. It is also clear that horses outnumbered humans many times of the remaining domesticated animals. Sheep were most common. They were used for wool and meat then came goats again for wool and meat then cattle for their leather meat and transport finally camels were used for transport all the domestic animals were used for their milk for yogurt and for dung for fuel. The records don't agree but to merchant or timman was born into one of the mongol tribes living in this step region of eastern asia. Sometime around the year. Eleven sixty five. He spent the earlier years of his life getting in consolidating the various tribes in the steps all culminating in the year. Twelve o six celebrating his average uniting the region he proclaimed himself the universal ruler or genghis khan

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