Welfare check at man's Seattle home ends in him being cuffed, lawsuit


During a welfare check two years ago. McKay claims the Police Department has a policy practice and custom of using welfare checks to enter people's homes without warrants. It was a neighbor of the retired longshoremen who told 911 dispatchers the doors to the man's home were open things inside seemed in disarray. Police departments, armed officers arrived and ordered McKay out of his upstairs bedroom with his hands up, then ordered him to kneel and put him in. Cuffs I want you to do is I want you to stop Spin around for me on the video from police body cameras. You hear McKay screaming and writhing in pain as they put him into those handcuffs. He says the pain was excruciating because of a work related shoulder. Injury looks suit alleges officers used excessive force and claims to corporate policy dictating circumstances when an officer can enter a private home is unconstitutional. Carleen Johnson. Come on news. When a church sends missionaries out into the field.

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