Making Sense Of The Boston Celtics’ Deadline Deals

The NBA Show


There's not that many more other deals fourth really like remarking upon. But i think the thing that will probably be talking about for the weeks after this deadline is the deals that didn't get mayor the teams that didn't do anything so boston got forty a but essentially stood pat. They also treated dale ties for malaga. So how you feeling about your celtics. Celtics in the celtics are currently eighth with. Yeah thank you saw also have like some some Locker room about them. You know Celtics are always interesting. Because you know with the danny never makes a trade you know and they always pup that we have all these assets but you don't ever do anything with them and what you do with them you get kyrie and he bounces right. You do all ever kyrie. You draft pretty well. Because you draft a franchise guy and jason tatum. And maybe a franchise guy or just below franchise guy jalen brown. But i just don't see it man i. They always seem to be one of those tough out. Teams that you think is going to be good. And i'm not sure what it

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