Kemba Walker Leads the Celtics To an Impressive Win Over the Clippers


I guess we'll do, he came out scorching and was pretty often throughout this one. I thought those back-to-back threes in the second half where the key moment of this game that gave the Celtics are multiple possession. We that they ultimately had to the rest of the game there. Once they hit those became a rebounding back the rest of the way. I thought the Celtics are pretty Dreadful on the boards for most of this game and show it to you guys. Robert Williams came in and made all the difference there. He was a rebounding machine as he has been for most of the Season change, but on camber, I mean, what are we talking about at this point? I ten games now somewhere between eight to ten games in a row where he is been himself at the very least. Maybe not home. Most exceptional definitely not his lower rung of production somewhere in between. You know, he's been steady. He's been fairly consistent. I'd say double-figure scoring every single game now four or eight straight games his last one was the seven point out against Utah, you know a few nights off in between a few months or games off of those nights off 25-28 32,000 see when he's fresh when he's well-managed at this point. He's going to be able to give you Kimber production.

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