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Thanks Have a good Bordeaux sponsored by Mount ST Mary's University South bound side of the five freeways you're heading into plan apart, just redid our teachable of our There's a van that broke down that's blocking the right lane. So they're trying to get that off of the freeway traffic. It's going down at Imperial Highway. I found some of the five so it's just between beach in our teacher Boulevard in that it's so up ahead from the 65 pretty much often on out towards the two as you're getting inside Glendale, stretching them better beheaded to Burbank, 1 10 Freeway South downside. At York They did finally feel that crash from two rightly so much improved right through South Pasadena. Southdown dry. Only 1 10 is busy, though. From the five you'll see brake lights off and on over towards MLK before it gets better north outside of the 1 10 is heavy from Manchester all the way to the one on one before that improves at all. And you're headed for the drive on the floor of five in Orange County, South Bound side is slowing down and you come up on Beach Boulevard. You'll see brake lights out Tol most a 73 should get into Costa Mesa. You are looking at better speeds there into Irvine and then South bound side of the five just before you get to Alicia Parkway. There's a car that broke down there. That's blocking the right lane. So that just backed you up a couple of except a couple of exits. Not quite from the four or five. Top ranked in California Mountains, Mary's University and L. A is one of California's best for earning your online bachelor's degree. See what being unstoppable can do for you go to M s m u dot e d u after traffic. I'm Tony Jordan with Valentine in the morning and water for three My FM Hollywood headlines. I feel like a lot of parents might be guilty of this, But Orlando Bloom says he is trying to make sure that his daughter her first

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