Biting the Lion


Biting the lion. Once upon a time there was a mighty lion named hari. He stood taller than a man. His for was as gold as honey and his teeth were as white as milk. Each paul was bigger than a dinner plate and tipped with claws sharper than a steak knife. He moved so fast he could run down a cheetah and his jaws were so strong he could bite a boulder clean in half and that was on a bad day. I'm the biggest. I'm the baddest. I'm the king of beasts. He would roared anyone who got in his way he was always shouting at the other animals and anyone who dared to stand up to him would get swatted with a massive paw and sent rolling into the dirt. Finally after years of abuse. The other animals all got together to figure out a way to get hari. The lion to stop knocking them around. That lyon needs to be stopped. Said an antelope when all the animals had gathered. But what can we do. Honk the warthog. Yesterday he made me eat a dirt sandwich. I mean i like sandwiches generally but the dirk was a little dry would have been better as a mud sandwich. Nothing like a good mud sandwich. A specially when you get all the worms in their wriggling out a little gravel to mine too for some crunch sandwiches. Aside purred the tiger. We need to stand up to this bully. If we don't he'll just keep on bothering us for ever. He thinks he's so funny. Cackled a hyena. He grabbed my pond. Slapped my own face with it. He kept saying. Stop hitting yourself stopping yourself. I tried to stop but he was so strong. He said i must like it. If i'm laughing but i can't help it. That's just what i sound like. He said i was too small to even bother picking on buzzed and that he called me a big green noodle said the anaconda slithering out of some sticks debate off by tail added zebra. It wasn't much of a tail but it was all i had out of nowhere. The lion landed next to them. With a thump his claws were out and his eyes were flashing dangerously. Did i hear you nerds talking about me. Hari said you think you're better than the king of beasts. Just leave us alone said the antelope. Just leave us alone. The lion said back mocking. He pushed her shoulder and sent her tumbling into the dirt. I'm in charge here and don't you forget it. You shouldn't be so mean. The warthog said oh. I shouldn't the lion asked. Sounds like someone wants another dirt sandwich. Like to see you try ari. The warthog said backing up and shaking. His long tusks hari roared and prowled up the wardhaugh grunted and charged forward his sharp tusks low and deadly before he could get close though the lions swat it out with one hulking. Paw it caught the warthog across the rump. And he went rolling a mud ball into the bushes. Ha ha hari roared anyone else. Want to challenge the king of beasts. How about you stripes. He asked zebra care for a rematch. If you win a find new tail for ya. The zebra looked away but the anaconda slithered up your big. But i am longer she said i think it's time for a new king of beasts one who isn't such a big arrogant puffball arrogant snarled. Hurry you better. Tell me what that means right now. It means your vain and selfish. And you think you're the most important thing in the whole world. I don't think it i know it. Hari said looking one pond and slicking back his tawny main nod for long the anaconda said she began to call herself layer after layer of scaly green winding in a big circle around the lion. He spun in place watching for her diamond head. Her clever is and long forked tongue. That seemed to flicker the air with a sudden crack. The anaconda pulled herself tight her body. Like a not around hurry. The lion with a hiss. She began to squeeze good. Try hari grunted. But your just a big noodle. He opened his mouth and wrapped it around the anaconda with a roaring slurp he pulled the snake off of him and then spit him in a sopping. Wet pile so much for. The noodle king hari laughed. I'm the biggest. I'm the baddest. I'm the king of beasts. You may be the king purred tiger dangerously. But maybe it's time for a queen. She padded out to stand before the lion. She was nearly as big as him with blazing orange for and wicked curving teeth. I won't put up with your bullying anymore. Come on then. Hari said show me how. A queen fights with matching roars. The pair slammed together. This was the most fight they'd seen by far and it was quickly a rolling flashing a flailing gnashing tornado of for and teeth and claws. The other animals backed away as the two big cats battle each other spreading sweat and spit across the ground. When they finally crashed to a halt hari was the winner and the tiger sprawled at his feet.

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