13 traffic and weather together,


The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic down the threes. My king, not terribly bad to start. No, I'm not so bad right now. Been right on schedule. Here. Let me tell you 10 minutes ago, the expressway was wide open. Now South found crawling out of the tunnel. All the way to the gas tank fills in so quickly there otherwise not too bad down through. He smelt in Quincy. Just a struggle. Getting out of this city at least 18 minutes from the tunnel down to the Braintree Split ally Elsewhere. Things are pretty good. The North found Expressway. That's fine for those coming in Route three South. Clear all the way down past 3 53. Let's see. Roots 24 95 south. They're both fine coming down from 1, 28 or 93. Now on the Cape. I've got delays on Route six westbound. It's backed up over a mile through the arm. If it's roadwork going on today by Union Street, which is now exit 75, they've got the right lane ConEd off there. Now up to the north. Things were good with the upper end of 1 28 4 95 93 north bounds off to a good start downtown. Pretty quiet delivered up krampus slow, But when is it not? The lower deck, The Tobin Bridge and Storrow Drive all check out okay in the master and bikes in good shape as well. This report sponsored by Rocket mortgage, get personalized loan options. Closing costs tax estimate all in real time when you need your

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