A highlight from Fork handle acupuncture, dropped a bomb on me, Hollywood Mammoth dentistry, runny yolks:an epilogue.


Cameras yeses chappie hair. How're you doing. How're you this fine saturday. This melting no snow saturday. Well there was actually a couple of sprinkles but it's defrosting it's melting is always doozy puddles get. Remember the fella groundhog day every morning into bill. Murray and ned rawson and he ended up stepping in pablo. I mean he didn't even have any deep social dilemmas. So i never knew this before. But one of my old bosses back in the day when i was training to bop though i One my first placements america He's the have these rubber things that he used to put his tassell blow releasing cancelled licenses. Gesture might live but he used to have these rubber things. It almost looked like him. Shoot condo basic and Dress shoes so none of the ice and snow in the winter. Used to see ben. I think of antacid idea if you're wearing dress. She's young to ruin the lever dahlan's then maybe the galoshes eerie really need in those in those instances colored cheeses champion. I'm a british butler and you'll service for the next hour so and is robbie to be hit. I'm actually. I'm surviving on a theory. Small piece of toast blessed with the momma so limited calorie from time to be a hanger butler. Sounds like on a podcast. One of these before when i was waiting but this is deliberate. I mean this is right. Stirring the sensors is like an ice cold boss I found his early actually stepping out in the snow separatist during the insides smooth outside a little bit like that face masks from oswego and anyway the snow seeked in at the back the back press down similar. My father always say that you should telling you old man. As as time progresses run. But maybe i am indeed but i still wanna do. The thick cut tamara mama. I need golden thread. I more neither more gone to my lad to be honest and anyway the snow. Secundo into the sniffles. You know how big writing that is really does. Stir the senses stir. The loins wakes up. And that's exactly what happened. I mean i feel much more awake now. Ready comical colored glass you say sixty five This girl he saw this is why am getting later today. The pumpkins were be released a little bit later. Stay because i was so greedy. I told my my mother and my sister my sister and i can. I can get guns. While i actually philmont could see a much to the many people chagrin. I do not sleep with cucumber. My eyelids you know. I do have a have baggy eyelids. But i do not need the cucumbers on them. I mean i mean. It's something that i could probably consider but identity get bags under the is it. May it may s- anyway on the show today. a no. We discussed runny yolks a little bit yesterday. So why do americans not like the most wrong with the runny. Yolk is the nature of the golf. It is pouring melted into doublet and sipping it i mean. That's that's the in my mind the runny yet. But why don't they like the runny yolk Off the van and then to stomach also introducing. I found a way to double triple spread the buses. We'll be looking into that later. On while i also do new analogy of magic for like christmas with presents taken away christmas being i do that metaphor the i did you expecting something and you're looking forward to it. It comes arrives. It comes and newell sudden. It's taken away from me and it's getting one christmas present christmas being over at that point as well anyway. Nice medical also the queen to jab. As i as i mentioned yesterday. We'll be looking at that a little bit later on as well also. I sound like a teenager game. The reason for that. I will you know a little bit lazy and serious will might in the lighted expectations. I'm also we never about the baby. Pay pen for the corgi. The breakfast bid the fly sprayed. It doesn't work. Also the love of the burger. You know so. Many love the burger. I'm not speaking on the burger without a doubt. But i do like the running. So not the burgh. I do like the also the random smell of pre celery soup after after acupuncture. What does that even mean. Do kogas have a dip wycombe. I have a wifi t. Cancel it can stop from the bed. I mean that's the only deal. Having a wifi ethel that you can start from the phone and then you know having some sort of dumb whiter to lift it up to you to the bedside and now you can get t sets and everything else. So we're having that we're going to be having a historical tender and some also some lovely trump trombone off the beach in poem loses his mind to the royal navy killed. it was a perfect footstool. Turn coffee table to the meet timbers salvato speech coming finder even at plans to with stopes. The only problem was that the royal navy wanted explosive device back a dedicated beach from komal has told how his during the bony mines dashed. The navy came to reclaim the device. We should become an mri by during a training. Exercise at plymouth. After finding the miners in on joe gray called the case go to make sure that it was a non explosive before being given all the cats drag it back to salvage reclamation now he was allowed to keep his mind by the receivable that the official whose administrative law dealing the mountain and salvage is being on the hand. He's been on the hunt for mindful citizen. I had a minded washed up. Seven quick drop came writing. It isn't a release taste when i saw it. I couldn't believe my eyes thrilling to find something say striking gray and lovable things with wonderful to make perfect sentences just collection of objects the two weeks us the minds footstool in a coffee table also considered tenny into a study. This guy bloody crazy. His drink with dash talavera when the role native visited him tuesday morning to reclaim it. I'll just have to hype enough. Loan washes up. I'm disappointed but not really surprised that they wanted it back sad that they took it back the long as its end up in the scrap. And i'm happy. I mean it's almost like love's labour's lost type of thing i mean. Did he sleep next to the the mind. Did he pet the mind. I mean in orland. Let me get the mind too. Excited whilst petting is it. Mike la it might

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