Residents of Seattle's Rainier Valley on alert for man seen tampering with car brake lines


Dealing with a rash of break lines being slashed on parked cars. My car was the only one that got messed with April. Yes, says the man, cut the brake line on her SUV parked in the driveway on South Frontenac Street. A few blocks away on Warsaw Down here somewhere. Same thing happened to his Iran. Callie. Two cars got slashed and right around the corner on 44th Avenue. Also bet list. He is also dealing with a similar ordeal. The brakes were cut and we were just in shock. Just in the past few days, neighbors in Seattle's Rainier Valley safe brake lines were slashed on at least seven cars, and that number could be higher Cousin got slashed and ice Recent heard about the Des Moines is one in Des Moines. Police say the number of vehicles with intentionally damaged brake lines is now up to 33 since reports started coming in late Monday, and there are at least two cases and tuck Wila so far. No arrests. Jonathan SHOW Cuomo

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