Wide Receivers Were the Order of the Day on Franchise Tag Day


Today was tagged a in the National Football League. We found out stars that we're getting the franchise tag, which may preclude them from Changing teams, and we found out some players that didn't get the franchise tag. Wide receivers were the order of the day and Alan Robinson gets the franchise tag. Chris Godwin gets the franchise tag will have more on Godwin and Brady coming up in a few minutes because this is a really big deal. But now who do you go after right? Who's the number one wide receiver you go after, and The guy who was going to be the beneficiary of this. And look, we've talked about who the three best wide receivers were gonna be in free agency this year, right? You and I did this about a month ago, and it was Robinson and it was Godwin and it was Kenny Golladay. You got it? And I know that that some people are going to be a little nervous. About Golladay. Oh, he was hurt. Last year, he was on pace for his best year in 2020 until he got hurt. I am so in on Kenny Golladay. Getting hurt last year doesn't concern me. You know anytime, you miss games, whether it's zits calf or it's a hamstring. It's not that big a deal right? And it's not something where wait. There's a big injury and maybe they're not going to be as fast as they once were. It's not that big a deal. I go after Kenny Golladay because he is everything. That a team's gonna want in a wide receiver. He can be the big target in the red zone. He's someone is going to stretch the defense. He is terrific. Listen. Matthew Stafford has been blessed with good wide receivers and great wide receivers his time in Detroit before he got traded to Los Angeles and Kenny Golladay. Is that good? I mean, he's going to get paid and He's the big winner today with the other guy's getting franchised and Kenny Golladay is going to get a lot of money and rightfully so, because he is extremely talented. I love the kid. Congratulations to him. Not only will he get out of Detroit and whatever the next phase of their world is, but he's going to get a mountain of cash to do it.

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