Alec Baldwin Tweets About Gillian Anderson's Accent

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Gillian anderson accepted her award and she was was on the crown. And you know she's on sex education british shows and she started talking with an american accent while she was accepting her golden globe for best supporting actress and people. Were like whoa in american accent going anderson born chicago. Her family lived in london for ten years and then she moved to michigan and she she went to school chicago but like people like did not know that she had american roots. So you know people were just people like to talk about stuff on twitter. They were like whoa doing anderson. Not british thought you whatever not a big deal. Enter alec baldwin was like accent discourse. I'm sorry as a fake accent. Seems like it's relevant to my family lately and he tweeted out. A cnn. Story called gillian. Anderson's american accent throw some people off and he said switching accents that sounds fascinating which alec. She is not pretending to be british. She plays a lot of british roles. She list yeah actress. Enter into that conversation willingly. It's a great question. It's a great question and so it turns out that has a lot of stands from her ex filed days and her sex education role which has a lot of devoted fans and so they immediately bullied alec baldwin quitter. He deleted his account and balance has been restored so universe. That's again to that story.

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