Empowering Caregivers Through Technology


Melissa how are you today. Thank you for joining me curt. Congratulations thank you. Yeah you get really sick of your own voice. When you do this. I'll tell you it's very quickly green. You know absolutely and really. Like i say this all the time in the beginning. And i don't know if you can relate to this but like when i wanted to kick it off. I kept feeling like somebody had to give me permission to do it. Like kept telling everybody like. Hey i'm going to do this thing. And everybody's cool. Yeah go do it. And i'm like but should i don't know you never lose. That is actually speaking of never losing you. Melissa have company called josh. So tell me. Josh is and what does it do for who you are and thanks for the opportunity for being here. John is a tech platform that matches families. With special needs disabilities specialized care needs to find an increase greens a caregivers sitters nannies. And we are an end to end solution for those families and five across the country to really aimed build a team and manage their care needs in one place. It's something that melanie fontaine. My co-founder who happens to sister. We're super passionate about That's awesome yeah the services amazing and it's so needed and from understanding your story. It really came from personal experience right. Yeah melanie and i grew up with our big brother josh. He was the best big brother we can have. He also happened have developmental disabilities and a pretty severe epilepsy disorder to put it in context effort meeting for people who don't understand what those things mean. Developmentally was around the age of ten or eleven. No matter what his age that was developmentally where he was and then epilepsy. He would have two to three seizures a day and different types of seizures and what kind of encompasses those needs. Pretty complex made involved major to call mas Occupational therapy physical therapy medication. Just so as a family really changes your view on life advocacy awareness and just really help precious life is and how little we have a bit and to make the most of it

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