Do We Age More at 34?



Okay so i googled. Okay like what is refined koogle like age. More at thirty four and what i found was that this comes from a study conducted at stanford university school of medicine and will link to an article. That was on stanford's website it says stanford scientists reliably predict people's age by measuring proteins in blood and then lower down in the article. So it does say here. That aging is not done perfectly even pace. And then it says there seems to be a more herky-jerky trajectory with three distinct inflection. Points in the human life cycle which occurs at thirty four sixty and seventy eight because the proteins in your blood. Change noticeably change. This is what the article says okay. I'm not a scientist as we've established many times neither story okay so cool i mean but it sounds like that's that's detecting it in internal internally as opposed to like grey hairs coming out. I mean i have friends who went gray or fully bald at the age of twenty. So i think i think all this study shows and the article makes his point that like we have kind of three points in our life like you know young adulthood says late middle aged and old age right so this seems like nothing new to

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