Biracial Identity With Actress Jade Ma


Jade ma welcome to the model majority podcast today. Thanks for having me here all right so we have a lot to talk about. Get into your current acting projects and also talk about some current affairs. If you will. But i want to start with your personal background a little bit so people know. Get to know a little bit about you as a person love to hear. Where did you grow up in of. How did you grow up. So i was born and raised in hong kong to british father and chinese mall and Yeah i lived there for seventeen years until i moved to the uk for university there for five years and then moved out to canada. Okay and a what was it like growing up by racially but also a hopping around different places in the world. You know growing up in a very different societies and cultures was really interesting so growing up in hong kong. I found myself in this place. Where because i was mixed. I wasn't quite enough of either to be considered part of either community. So i in asian enough for the local chinese community. But i wasn't wide enough to be part of the white exit community. Luckily for me there is a fairly large community of mixed people in hong kong. Do just like international nature of the city. So i still like grew up around quite a few people who were like me Moving to the uk. That was immediately like berry different. I was immediately viewed as chinese rather than as mix just. Because i know present quite chinese to most people Especially if they haven't been around many biracial like chinese mixed people right So when i moved k. That became quite a big part of my identity to other people

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