A highlight from April 25, 2021: Faith Matters? Part 2


Watch a blooper. Reel of meredith all day as long as it's not me before we begin this morning while you pray with me. God made the words of my mouth and the meditations of each of our hearts be pleasing to you are rock in our redeemer like i mentioned earlier this morning. We are continuing our sermon. Series called faith matters. Reagan actually kicked us off last week. I hope you were able to hear her message. But if you didn't. We looked at the early church in acts and how peter's thinking of who could follow jesus was actually transformed and it was expanded. Regan challenged us to consider this concept that we are all created in the image and likeness of god and how that sacked alone moves us to embrace one another and to deeply care for one another to include in to listen to each other. I especially feel passionate about this sermon series being the series that we cover after easter sunday because in the church we are still in the easter season. And it's really important for us that after celebrating the resurrection of christ that we look at the beginning of the church. So christ was resurrected. What are the people left with. How do those. First followers of jesus continue the faith to what it is today so all series long we will be looking at the book of acts with those very first believers and the goal for each of us during this series is to notice and to think more critically about why we believe the things we believe as followers of jesus and understand to an extent where some of those beliefs originated from. That's why each sunday we will also be highlighting a theologian or to to get their take on this theological topic and theology just means the study of god or the need to understand god last week. Our congregation had the opportunity to confirm thirty. Four students and confirmation is a huge part of the methodist church. Because we believe it's really important for our students to have language to put with their beliefs. We went our students to be able to articulate the reasons behind what we do what we do and why we believe what we believe. I had the privilege of teaching the parent component of that class for a few years and i love seeing adults be transformed by what they learn the pieces start to suddenly fall into place for these adults who have been in the church for many years. They finally have the space to go deeper and to look at some of these core truths they believe but may not have the words or the history behind it so cool to see that that those are the words. I've been searching for come to fruition in faces as we continue this series. We will learn that there aren't always super easy black and white answers to what we're looking for because we're talking about belief and faith and things that can be deeply personal to each of us and we'll find out that not only do we have different beliefs sitting here in this room but that theologians and even the earliest followers of christ had different understandings of how we could best be christ followers. Theologians are usually known for their wisdom but as we read their words. We'll learn that they're simply trying to find a way to explain how they understand god with others. I do not believe that my job here in front of you. All as a preacher is to give everyone a nice neat language to use for their faith. However i do want to expose us to a bit of the history and means behind what we as a church. Come to hold as our truths and to challenge us to name what we believe to find a language or an understanding that works for each of us while still sustaining some beautiful mystery. That is god. Ever since i was in high school. I have found myself mesmerized by airplanes. I've had a few physics classes. I know that there are scientific reasons why airplanes are able to fly. I know that there's something called aerodynamics. And they're all these formulas and machinery involved that give reason to how something so enormous can lift off and fly into the sky but at my core the beauty of airplanes in my messmer shin with the impressiveness of the whole flying. Thing is something. I don't need words for. I'm happy to sit in some intentional ignorance and be swept away by the beauty. This can be true for the mystery of god to. It's okay for us to have a word for our faith to want to have something to point to and it's okay for us to still find ourselves speechless and without explanation for other aspects of our faith. If you find yourself wanting more words wanting explanations. I wouldn't encourage us all together to dig deeper. And maybe you're sitting here and you are in a place in your life where he just wanna soak up that mystery. That is god and there's room here for you today. To if we subscribe to our belief from last week our main focus from last week that we are all created in the image of god and that we have a common humanity that links us all together then we also have to face the fact that as a common people. We have a common problem to our scripture reading. This morning is from the acts of the apostle acts as a continuation of the gospel of luke. It is written by the same author. You can actually read them together. And they flow very acts begins with the aftermath of

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