Australian Athletes Headed to Tokyo Olympics to Be Given COVID-19 Vaccine


Compare Olympic athletes have been bumped up the waiting list for covert 19 vaccines so they can get their shots before the Tokyo Games, which begin in July. Tokyo in other parts of Japan around a third way state of emergency with the number of new infections in the country rising above 5000 Day. Australia's decision to inoculate its athletes comes while many people with disabilities and their carriers is still waiting for their shots. David Sparks has more For Australia's athletes, The Olympic dream is tantalizingly close. Paralympic cyclist Carol Cook already has three gold medals from London on Rio, but she's chasing Maura in Tokyo. I am riding upwards of 250 to almost 300, kilometers a week with three gym sessions thrown in there when I can It's just a never ending want for perfection? I guess you could say now she'll be among the more than 2000 Ozzy athletes in the support staff, adding one more thing to their preparation. Covert vaccine. The federal government has agreed to prioritize them in the one B category of the vaccine. Roll it, I think for the Paralympians. I mean, I can't speak for the Olympians. I do think it's probably good. That they're you know, the Olympians are walking into a time bomb. I think like it's it's so bad right now, and the waves just seem to keep coming, so I think it is really good. For

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