New York Yankees Manager Aaron Boone’s pacemaker surgery a success


Word about our old friend. Aaron boone yesterday that he had surgery to get a pacemaker. He had Boyne through some tasks and he said in a statement that he said mild symptoms of lightheadedness low energy and shortness of breath. Over the last six to eight weeks I texted him yesterday afternoon and he texted back. I'm about ready to go in feeling good and i exchanged sex again with him this morning. and It seems like he absolutely feeling better. It doesn't sound like he's going to be gone for very long from the yankees dugout with so many advances in heart treatment and boonie knows more about that than anybody because course he had open heart surgery a little bit more than a decade ago. Yankees general manager. Brian cashman talked. About how aaron boone told him about the procedure when he first told me A number of days ago. What was going on with today's science which is so incredibly impressive that you know this is now patient situation and you can be up and running within twenty four to forty eight hours and back to normal and and you know just the way he communicated with me. Put me at ease that you know. If he's good. You know i felt my takeaway was if he's really in a good place in a good place because all i care about his him or yankees pitcher corey kluber. Yeah i think obviously you know ever wants to hear anything like that. You made a video kind of reassuring everybody That he felt confident. In you know the the procedure fell communist balanced back from it. And obviously that's that's reassuring to hear. I've seen time you hear about a a heart issue or like that. It's pretty alarming. So i think you know to hear from him that he was confident. And i think that'd probably puts everybody a little bit more. These

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