Eric Swalwell, President Trump And Donald Trump Jr. Rudy Giuliani discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


800 to 89 26 46 Get a free copy of the silver Report now, 800 to 89 26 46 800 to 89 26 46 A second lawsuit of its kind, attempting to hold the former president and members of his inner circle accountable for what happened January 6th was filed Friday in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington, D. C. Friday. Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell has sued former President Trump and some of his allies, including his son, Donald Trump Jr. Rudy Giuliani and Republican Congressman Mo Brooks over their alleged role in the events leading up to and surrounding the capital assault on January 6 in the 65 page lawsuit, Swalwell who was a house It's impeachment manager during Trump's second Senate trial alleges that they all directly incited the violence of the U. S Capitol by putting out quote a clear call to action that the crowd responded to Katherine Folders, ABC News Police in Ohio are looking into a deadly incident of alleged hazing details from ABC struck secrets and placed on an interim suspension during a police investigation. The PI Kappa Alfa fraternity at Ohio's Bowling Green State University. There was an alleged hazing incident involving alcohol at an off campus fraternity event Thursday, a 19 year old man Adam Oaks, died. Fraternity officials say they're aware of the incident. Medical examiner will determine cause of death. The school issued a statement saying is cooperating with law enforcement and expressing its care and support of students and the community affected, court document revealed Tiger Woods was unconscious after his car wreck last week in southern California, according to the first witness to arrive to the scene. This is ABC News. Finding great candidates to hire can be like well, trying to find a needle in a haystack,

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