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Week instead of 400. All 50. Democrats need to vote in favor of the package to pass it. And it would then have to go back to the house for approval. Way. Have a traffic alert tonight All lanes of state route 5 20 year close now from month like boulevard to the East side, And this is why cruiser installing girders over the highway for the month late lid. 5 20 will be closed in both directions all weekend through 5 A.m. Monday. Another bridge closure will put, it added Squeeze on traffic coming in and out of west Seattle. The south bound lanes of the First Avenue Bridge will be closed tonight and tomorrow night until 6 A.m.. That bridge is one of the main detours around the West Seattle bridge closure and starting Wednesday next week. The lane closures on the First Avenue Bridge will hit during the day. Two of the South bound lanes will be closed around the clock until noon on Monday. Developing tonight, Governor Endsley is urging the state legislature to pass a transportation package. It is woefully underfunded. All roads are becoming Okay. Filled fairies are frequently broken down. In our bridges are now experiencing problems that we do not consider satisfactory. He pointed to a few examples, like the month long closure of ferry service on her gun in the San Juan Islands in 2019. Also says the Aurora Bridge has significantly deteriorated. Governor Endsley says the state Legislature has started seriously looking at drafting some kind of transportation package. Looking ahead. First Lady Jill Biden is planning

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