Antone brings heat in push for Cincinnati Reds' rotation

Mo Egger


Reds played tonight and three hours against the kansas city. Royals perhaps not with these same amount of excitement as the night before her. Green and nikola delo pitched tj anton in relief last night against the dodgers and again that ended with a four four tie. I will admit to you. I get the purpose behind the rule that a team on defense can roll the inning over and basically ended prematurely as a fan. That's not much fun. Tony larussa has said as much. Tony larussa and i are on the same page about anything. That's saying something but above and beyond the outcome of the game which obviously doesn't matter. Tj antone pitch last night and he was phenomenal two innings. His fastball was ninety. Seven ninety eight ninety nine killer slider filthy curve five strikeouts two innings gave up. Just a hit. This is a guy who was a bit of a revelation. Last year made his major league debut with the reds early in the season started. Four games came in and relief and nine others and did a really really nice job. Here's david bell on what he liked from. Tj last night looks very lockton. Yeah maybe could've been the best basketball. I've seen include. Let's santa law so good last year. But his fastball of really good is everyone which means it just locked in a totally kind of grown accustomed to tj being very focused and determined so even those beverly in the spring doesn't surprise me at perching david bell last night talking about t j anto. I don't wanna make too much out of one. Spring training outing the didn't count. There is a lot of foolishness and doing that. But he is a part of a mix of guys who will ultimately answer one of the critical questions about the reds this spring. Which is who's gonna make up the back into the rotation right and even if he doesn't end up as a starter he could be a valuable member of a bullpen. that said goodbye to two quality. Relievers this offseason and rice laziest and archie bradley. But what role will tj antone bien after a good two thousand twenty. Here he is and what role he would like to be. Yeah i wanna start but wherever those. Tv's all right. Good short concise. It's the right answer. You don't get the sense just listening to that that he's going to be upset if he's not a starting pitcher but that is what he's been for most of his professional career one hundred and eleven appearances in the minor leagues one hundred and nine as a starter with different levels of success. I don't think there was anything about just looking. At his minor league statistical profile that would have suggested that he would emerge last. Year is valuable arm but he was. Era to eighty again pitched started four games when needed member wade. Miley had to miss some time. Sonny gray mr starr disc- he came out of the bullpen. Nine times and did a nice job. He'd really did a nice job last year. So now the question is does he factor into the mix a little bit more in the race to be the last starter.

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