Interview With Ilya Gelfenbeyn


Yulia gif bain. Welcome to the voice. Podcast hey breath how are you. I've really i'm really good. It's great to finally get on the bike. We've been talking about this for at least two months. So i'm happy that we're able to arrange the the funny thing is in the interim we seem to have spent a lot of time on clubhouse together so maybe we could have just done this year like two weeks ago. Yeah yeah spending a lotta time there all right so i think there's a there's a lot of story to be told here because you've you've been in the industry for a while but i think there's an interesting i that i wanted to start with. I wanna talk about speak to it. Maybe maybe your journey in voice day. I started before that. Because i i know that you study computational linguistics as an undergraduate but what i draw you to the idea of of using speech technology and actually building an assistant. Yeah so i would say like initially it was not about speech was about like chat bots and chat right so i started to work on some like chat bots dick like question answering systems back university as you mentioned yelich. All i was doing the computational linguistics relatively randomly so i was like interested in an internship in it company and the a guy who was like my manager there. He was a computational linguists so He had some interesting like thanks for us to do to research. Soviet play with chad bots. So i remember. I think like i published my first article question answering systems back in two thousand towards southern three and then later maybe in two thousand seven i was also working on the project related to chat bots. We created a platform where users could create their own chat bots like mostly for fun Trades they're like our cars teach them to Like teach them different things And then place them to like blogs Social networks websites and see how they shot to like their friends read logs and and Correct them so and later Like when the star to speak to There was this kind of state where got relatively good quality of speech recognition. Then mostly available. Either roy door or some commercial solutions like like from nuance. You've got a mobile devices that our full enough and Kevin good interfaces such as like iphones and androids and There was like this tendency of Api's of like web services so mehan co-founders. We basically thought that if we combine all of this right open api is and and smartphones and voice. We could get A voice personal assistant. That will understand what you are asking about support station and then like connect to a those. Api's and get an answer for you or like have an action Down for you. So this is how this idea of speak to appeared and what year the little. Yeah the end of two thousand ten and to ten okay. So that's around the same time that the siri app. I came out and ios correct. Yes yes yes frankly. We didn't know about siri when we started to sing about the same main difference was that we started with. Hr bought right so we'll just because of our experience chat bots before idea was that won't i. We create a bot that you can talk to about anything and it supports conversation just question answer and then starts like injection different services to you know. Let's add the weather. Let's add local storage and so on but initially we would say you know you can just talk to talk to it Speak to about anything and by the way to also help like multiple different requests

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