Boston Celtics beat Washington Wizards in trap game, 111-110


Until you busy news radio to straight wins for the Celtics to get back to 517 and 17. He's pulled out of 1 11 1 10 win over the Wizard's thanks to Jason Tatum's winning bucket in the final five seconds. The All Star scored 31 points outdone on Lee by Brad Beals 46 much needed win for the Bruins for one of the Rangers, Trent Frederick scored a rare goal and said Boston's leaders air doing just that You just lied there pretty positive. Sometimes it's hard love, but when they're good guys You all the time. They can tell you what's what's true and what's right. And they know how to turn your buttons on every guy in this team, so leadership group. We have no problems with them. They're always come out and play every day. It's AH, restless. You gotta bring it every night and we'll be really good Oxygen. Red Sox lost their first preseason game 76 to the Twins. With fans in the stands. Prospect Jeter Downs homered and drove in three and Colin more

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