Byron Wins Florida Stretch of the NASCAR Homestead Cup

The Final Lap


The florida stretch of the nascar cup series scheduled for twenty twenty one rolled on from homestead miami speedway over the weekend sunday as a matter of fact cup series racing race. Recap style ten to one here. We go kyle busch at number ten. You've got alex. Bowen that forty eight car. Kurt busch recovered from well. We'll talk about it in a second. Ryan newman michael mcdowell continues history. Can you believe this of all top. Ten's here in twenty twenty one. Same thing for kevin harvick at number five. Then you've got kyle larson notching top five martin tricks junior and tyler rettig. He actually ties his best career cup series finished at number two two victory now. He won stage two. He led the most laps at one hundred and two. He started the race. thirty first. And william byron wins the race taking his second career

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