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Don't know if they have written the textbook definition but i think without judgment i think if you give your ass whether it'd be real authentic to another man. I think that might just be. I think that's textbook homosexuality. I just by the letter of the definition. I think i feel about definition changes every day. But i still think that's pretty like him saying if you know if you well takes up twice makes you gay. So maybe this is. I supposed to be a first time. Hey look man. i'm i'm still learning. There's an opportunity to sample. I suppose oh. I'm not sure working fully. Prepare for repeal a sample mac. Affirming or agreeing. I'm just saying it's like back in the day in the in the sexual harassment training classes. That put us through in college. They said that it's not sexual harassment into the second time. Second time data literally spaces beautiful. Yeah there's sex harassment for the second time so if you walk up to a woman in touch but once it's coop an accident but the second time she said some the second time then you did that cost of record. So maybe that's how giving your but let me see if i understand this correctly in college. This is what they taught me now taught you the first time. I mean they were teaching me about sexual harassment. The first time has passed but the first time could warrant a slab. That's not your fault. it's not your fault. That's what they told us falters. Then that's all the slap so you can't slap somebody days. I don't even know if you really believe what you're saying right now. No i don't because when they said it then it was. It was ridiculous. It's even more ridiculous now. Definitely you should just not be fucking grown and yeah just keep answer yourself anyway. Incentives vary important. Oh yeah but okay. Let's get back to charlotte as aso. What are your thoughts thoughts thoughts in a room charlotte case for the people who listening in case you missed it. Charlemagne the god gave his co host degeneres. Dj in via Replica of his own. Asa silicon mold. Yes a motive yes balls included in searchable booty hole and the up and the whole forget the whole data to his co hosts. Tom time if i came in here today with a replica. My ass gave it to you. How would you feel about our kick you in your phone damn why i just. I just can't say i get it like i don't get i don't know i mean i have gay friends. We talk about all sorts of stuff. But that's just. I don't i don't know i can't. I can't really get what do you. Congratulations on your gay friends. I too would you talk about with you. Gave anything that moves like wall human so anything whatever comes up on unfortunate love situation How your parents treated you like. I feel sad today. Like anything looking slugging. You talk about geico it okay. To do i heard you do you talk about fucking gay friends. No why not. There's there's no need to discuss about you man. You talk about sex with your gay friends absolutely. Yeah why not i mean. That's that's a that's a topic that comes up. you know. I had a roommate or let me. Let me. Let me take that back. It depends on how cooler close i am with said gave absolutely all right. I'm not just going to have this random conversation with somebody that i don't you know we respect each other choose boundaries relations. Abolition lifelong gay right. Yeah we probably aren't talking about that. Yeah whatever but like just some due to the club. It's not just no it's not just popping off awfully did not at all anyway I thought it was interesting. That charlemagne defending himself into gift was saying that One of the reasons he gave outside the given an asshole a gift to an asshole from an asshole idea was to break down some of the toxic masculinity thoughts regarding homosexuality and our community. I thought that was full of shit. But i think it's interesting. He needs to go ahead and step off that soapbox stop trying to do things for for coaching that. He's stirring up. And that was just pure. Click bait burned manhattan. A couple of years ago soldier boy happened. What last year s. Yeah he needs to start off twenty twenty. The asshole yup. I don't know if that's the way we should start off twenty twenty. I'm a little more worried about a. Dj envy lotion in it and inside earlier thoroughly flu any put a finger in houghton just like even not on the mat on the homophobic. But just like you're not supposed to do it to your co-worker apples to lotion insider maggi co worker. I feel like times not having that on this wednesday and he said no but he did it. He did a he did anyway. I'm not gonna lotion it. Why he did it. Smack dead to downtown space right now. What have you done here. i'm sorry man. Does this conversation as it is. My i brought up that anyway. what would overshadow the pike. This is your chance to drop three professional creators is. We discussed the sources happenings. Inspirations from the creative industry from film to production to music coacher join us each week as we push the envelope on the possibilities of the creator industry our hostess week. Of course me you may man twenty grand bahama brown. What's up y'all to my left. We have my co host time. Baby tom the facility facilitated g introduce our special guests in the building tom. My man. Evan johnson aka last of water. Oh hey on on on on gloves off walthall as always come into water art glass art after you have to put the last of water art art got got you as always into you. Laugh from the lobby of the land hotel right here on full service radio. Shout out to the producer extraordinaire alexia. Hey girl pay hi how you doing. And how are you all good man. I think it's time for the word of day of what do i have got it for. You don't worry do you. Got only she got us read the definition. That'd be fantastic. I guess the

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