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Be objectives in his innocence or we journalists are we just like entertainers I feel like we're a combination of both. Okay because of how like you know as a podcast. You really like projecting your opinion sense. What depends on the podcast. Also definitely depends on the podcast. We also night making shit up either though. Yeah we're not. We're usually basing most of our stuff on news actual news news news news that we've done the source news. Yeah exactly now. That we've kinda ducted r truth from you know as i'm as i'm watching the the former media you know if you watched much of the news you get a little scared. Yeah definitely you'd get a little scared you know. I always say that. The local news Its main revenue sources. Fear right right you watch you watch the local news. Somebody got shot so my kid took some black man. That looks like me. Ironically all right That did it. there's trump led the school it using the local news. Everybody by local news has trekked into the building. If we wash the news too much. I do get a little nervous so i wanna be. I wanna be careful as potential journalists to not continue the fear mongering. Give me the year but your boy is notice over here. Okay your boy is a little shook and then they know viruses me. Okay okay. i'm gonna die when i die whether that'd be suffocating. No my own respiratory no or whatever or peacefully with my grandkids around. I'm worried about the bread dog. Yeah i'm i'm worried about. The bread is worried about the money on afri- cisco amongst other things for san francisco county and the city band all events over a thousand people indefinitely so the warriors games. Which aren't santa clara county. Santa clara county. I think is the one that implemented that right. Thousand plus gathering is no go so all the warriors games for like until further notice. We'll have no fan attendant whatsoever planning empty gem. So have you ever and then also on top of that. Coachella has been delayed by south west. Southwest by southbound side. Nobody can get their money back from south by south west rough and terms and

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