Why Does God Allow Temptation in the Life of the Believer?: Power Over Temptation - burst 5


Accuser before god just kind of keeps doing it over and over again. Hey why don't you do this. I'll never tell anyone if you want you do it. And then he says you're. You're not even a christian godwin every here. You're you're condemned. This is why you need to know the word of god because when you've said you need to immediately go to christ and save forgive me of my sin. I admit it i'm responsible. I'm sorry for it. And i turn from it. The devil says you have a god won't forgive you. Here's where the word of god come and you say. Oh yeah well. I don one nine says if we confess our sin he's faithful in. Just forgive our sin and cleanses from all and righteousness you quote. God's word you quote it out loud so the hearing and so you can hear is quoted out. It is written saying this year condemn. God will not hear your birds. No that's wrong devil. Romans eight one. There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in christ. Jesus so maybe you stumble and fall and satan says you'll never get up again. You're never going to recover from this. This is the end you say. No that's wrong. Because john ten twenty eight. Jesus says i'll give them eternal life and they'll never perish neither she'll anyone pluck them out of my hand. Philippians one sixteen confident of this very thing that he who has begun a good work in you will completed under the day of jesus christ in over. God's gonna finish what he starts then when tragedy hits and it makes no sense devil says

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