Again. The number is 313871 86 100.


Program where you get to your phone calls coming up the rest of the way it 808 590957. And we go till noon on the Frank Beckmann Show is we as we enjoy this, this step forward in the battle against covert and the like, and we hope all of you wind up with the vaccines that you need to stay healthy along the way. This is national read across America Day and despite what they're doing down in Virginia, for instance, in trying Tomo cancel Dr Seuss because he's supposedly racist. I just go by what Dr Seuss said. This national read across America Day is held traditionally in our country on Dr Seuss's birthday, and the author Theodor Seuss Geisel. Who's just simply known as Dr Seuss. He was one of the people who's really entertained our kids and and hostile it, frankly, for many, many years And it was Dr Seuss, who once wrote, You have brains in your head When you hear this about

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