Inflation. Ares predicts that pop will only last 6 to 8 months and prices will moderate as supply and demand come into balance. I'm Mitchell Hartman for Marketplace. Disclosure know that piece included a source from U. K G, which was also an underwriter of this program. After the SNP yesterday went up by the most in any day since June 2.4%. That index is down 6/10 of a percent. Now the Dow is down 43 points 1/10 percent, the NASDAQ Up 3% yesterday down 7/10 percent of the moment. People are worried about bonds. If recovery brings inflation, the bad kind, not the good kind. The 10 year note, though it's quite steady so far today with the yield that is still very low, 1.43% Target stores had another strong pandemic. Quarter profit of 66% sales up 2% last quarter, well above expectations. How's the stock target? Stock is

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