Do You Know Who's Listening to Your Podcast?


Hello everybody welcome. Tucson's profitable podcasts. We have james cridland. Johnny here james. A pod news and is honestly probably the only reason you know about sounds profitable sir james. Thank you so much for being here with us. It's a great player is a great pleasure to be talking twice on your podcast. Because i think i think everybody is just heard. My dulcet tones already. That's true that we have the awesome syndication that comes right before all of this and maybe we can time it so you do a passback between each other. We do that right for next week. But this week we're gonna talk about an article. Wrote back in september with your help entitled you're incorrectly identifying up to fifty percent of your user agents and the focus here was that you discovered that people weren't paying attention to another type of region not just the requests when someone presses play on their podcast app and it sends an asked for the episode but rather the request of the rss feed itself. That can tell us a lot about the device. So i'm gonna pass over to you. Tell us a little bit about the process user agent and how you stumbled onto its value. Yes so to rewind a little bit whenever something connects to something else on the internet sends over header which is a user agent which basically says you know. I'm a computer or a mobile phone but tells you a little bit more about that. So that's a really helpful thing in terms of podcasts to target because you know that Particular listeners listening on android phone or an iphone or whatever it might bay and those sent through on the download to audio and so that's typically what podcast hosts us to show you how people are listening and is typically what people use as well to target but there is another connection of course in the connection is to your rss feed which is a big list of your individual episodes that you have and that also has a user agent attached to it. So one of the problems that i saw when i was starting to do my own podcast stats was that I was seeing an awful lot of connections from a user agent. Called apple corps media. An apple co-mediator is an interesting thing in that it is a library. That apple have written that lots of Podcast apps us to play your podcasts. It's not just used by apple. Podcasts used by loads of other people as well yet. When i was looking at the data all i could see is apple corps media and i couldn't work out whether that was apple podcasts whether that was pocket costs whether that was overcast. Whatever it might be so. I was really curious to see well. Is there any other way. That i can find out exactly what podcast host is actually having a look at this and rss user agents all the way round there. Yeah and so you got rca in her went. When the request came you started a pending a unique value to all the episode downloads based on that. Rss user agent right. Yeah that's exactly how it works. You ask for the pod news. Rss feed it. Takes a look at what the user agent as of that particular. Rss connection and then adds it to the audio request. So it might say from feta or from spotify or from castro or from various other things so you net then no as a podcast hosting company you then know that that piece of audio the reason why that piece of audio is being requested. Is that the rss feed was discovered by that particular app by castro all apple podcasts. Or whatever it might be and so you know whatever the audio user agent is you know that this is castro talking to you all podcast addict or whatever it might be so you end up with far less unknowns in terms of your podcast play information and that say tremendously useful things. I'm taking a look at yesterday's data and yesterday's data is showing me that two hundred and ninety six individual plays that i had yesterday. Were done through apple corps media. And if i hadn't looked at the irs data. As well. i'd be they're going. I literally don't know anything about that apart. From the fact that it's clearly being played on an apple device of some sold literally. Don't know which app is actually playing that so now that i'm able to also connect the rss user agents. It means that. I know all of those and then odal apple podcasts. A wide variety of people that use apple media

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