Senator John Barrasso, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro My Arcas And ABC discussed on For The Defense with Attorney Brad Koffel


We need both relief for the people who are suffering because of what's happened with the economy. We need to defeat the pandemic. This package really does that $1400 payments have begun showing up in bank accounts. No Republicans voted for the bill in Congress, Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, chair of the Senate Republican Conference tells ABC is this week. We are not going to stand with the Democrats as they try to exploit a crisis. To send lots of money to big cities and two blue states and to really failed pension plans right now, the by administrations facing questions about the situation at the southern border, where there's been a surge of unaccompanied minor Children, ABC Shucks he returned has more on the latest federal response. FEMA's directed by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro My Arcas to support a 90 day effort to receive shelter and transfer unaccompanied Children arriving alone at the U. S. Southwest border. Several U. S lawmakers Has visited the Texas holding facilities, including Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, Texas Democrat saying it's better than before but still unacceptable. They're walking into an agency that was almost deliberately dismantled and damaged by the prior administration. Record numbers of migrants are arriving at the Southwest border. Chuck's Iverson ABC News Saturday was the eighth day this month with the T s a screen more than one million air travelers. Rhonda Givens was one of them. Since this whole painting make thing this is my first time. Yes, I had to fill Come. 24 States have now eased restrictions to some extent, including some of the most populated areas of California. Major storms dumping snow on Colorado. Other parts of the Rockies also responsible for a reported 14 tornadoes in Texas, but no injuries or deaths. You're listening to ABC News. Off duty. Chiyoda

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