Netflix might be cracking down on password sharing

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Netflix users. beware. The company is considering a crackdown on customers. Who share their passwords with friends or family members. Netflix knows many of its two hundred million subscribers or piggybacking on someone else's account and now the company is testing a new papa message asking some users to verify that they own the account. They're trying to log into. Peter kafka is senior correspondent at recode and host of recode media peter either. So what is netflix up to here. Well that's a good question Their official line is just a test. Who knows what the who's who knows what we're gonna do but in theory. It looks like they might be reconsidering a longtime stands. They've had which is basically you. We're not telling you this but we're not gonna complain if you share your net password with a lot of other people They're doing a test. That says if for instance you've ever borrowed a netflix password You might see a pop up on your tv saying hey. You can only do this if you have a netflix account with us and if you do let us know and we'll send you a log in and you can get on yourself. It seems appears to be nudging you towards going from free loader to paying netflix's subscribe well. It does seem to me that it could be like the end of an era because people have been sharing passwords for as long as netflix has been around. You know just a few years ago. Ceo reed hastings said password sharing something that you have to learn to live with. So why crackdown now. Well we don't again. We don't know they're cracking down. You know the the obvious conclusion you can draw is. Netflix used to sort of own streaming. That didn't have any competition and now there's a lot of competition from disney discovery plus and paramount plus. Hbo max and the suggestion would be all right. We people paying for us instead of paying for hbo max. Paramount plus people make a decision I'm not sure that's the case There's also a theory that h netflix's just taste testing out a count security you know. Netflix doesn't give free trials anymore. They used to do that. They've they've moved away from that And so if you wanna tease this all the way up and saying look you know what net flicks is you like it. It's time for you to star paying It would also suggest that theory holds up. That netflix is thinking we've got two hundred million subscribers worldwide. Seventy million in the us. How many more are we going to acquire With getting the freeloaders start paying but again redoing speculation here sure and do you have any idea how common it is for people to share passwords. I mean i. I i i personally. What happens a lot. I've shared my password for my entire family at various points. And i think they've all ended up paying for their own and in one point. I think that for a long time for for a lot of these dreamers was look. We'd rather have you paying but in the but you're also sort of giving us remarketing There's a there's a consulting firm magazine associates that that estimates that may be thirty percent of of netflix's users are are are are sharing. I guess passwords anecdotally. It's it's a lot of people because there really hasn't been any reason not to You did here During the pandemic people who'd been used to sharing their passwords. And you know In theory netflix. Lets you stream multiple accounts at the same time during the pandemic when everyone is at home streaming netflix. You've heard the people were running into that limit already. So this is something that could have been stirred on stirred up by the pandemic business has been pretty good. I think for netflix gained an extra thirty seven million customers during the pandemic because of all those people staying home watching the

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