Washington Capitals' Tom Wilson Receives 7 Game Suspension After Hitting Boston Bruins' Brandon Carlo


Tom wilson's added again. The washington capitals rugged. Ford i was gonna call him tough guy but that was very tough thing. He did there recently against the boston. Bruins tom wilson has now been suspended for seven games for a hit against the boards on boston's brandon carlo. And it was well ugly in every way hit can be ugly. It was basically carlo up against the boards. Got the pocket and his skates. And wilson comes up and pretty much collides with the side of the guy's head and he left the game due to injury and It was just and it's not one of those deals where he can sort of. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Tom wilson continually runs into trouble with the nhl law and I mean these seven game. Suspensions four-game game suspensions the they just don't seem to be getting through to this guy. Now what did you think of him. There's no doubt in my mind that that he's lining up the guy's head okay whether shoulder right. That's the big hit right. That's the big hit when you when you leave the ice. Hers people incorrectly. See all the time. He left his feet. You know when he when he's leaving the isis the guys up against the boards. I think he's not even looking at him. Got his head down and this guy sort of lays into them with a shoulder to connect with his head. Okay so that's that's a terrible brutal disgusting dirty hidden hockey. Triple that stevie. When you're looking at the guys had up against the glass and you're gonna go smashing. You know like the guy the guys up the guys up against the boards and there's his his face might even be against the glass when he does it steve. It's just freaking heinous man idea. I thought i. That's what i thought when i looked out said that's like punching a guy down steve that's like punching a guy when his heads on the ice and you know as heads on the ice right. They don't do it right. You seldom see that right. The guy will pull up. What was the example. Last week was a beautiful example. The guy waving the linesmen and because he was going to use going to murder the kitty was fighting right. Yeah but this guy. I think he. He saw it from a mile away in terms of hockey speed. You know like you have a good two seconds there and tried to smash his head like a pumpkin into the glass. That's what i that's what i saw. Elsie the same. I mean and it's and it's this guy it's one of those deals where maybe i'm throwing around benefit of doubt of. It's somebody who's never done something like this before because it is a fast game and guys move the last second but there's nothing i can find here where i i can even begin to go down that road. A it's is tom wilson. You know if there's been a murder and there's a serial killer hanging around the scene of the crime. I'm gonna probably look his way and not given benefit of the doubt It's tom wilson and brandon. Carlo is totally stationary up against the boards. There was one today it was. Let's see. I think it was chicago in saint. Louis i wanna say and There was a big hit Behind the net and I mean it was one where he could look at and say okay. Well that's second go either way but this one was just. This is a guy. Carlos stationary against the boards. He didn't change direction. Didn't spin at the last second. He's totally still. And this guy had really his choice of where he wanted to hit him and He clearly chose get the the good. Maybe do the most damage knock this guy goofy. Get the puck and off. I go and intimidating. That's tom wilson's game. And so it's that's that's the frustrating part of it but more than that though it's hard for me to get to work out a budget anymore. Because the nhl at large doesn't seem to care that much y'all through a seven game suspension. Well this guy's been suspended repeatedly in the league and It doesn't seem to change anything for him and they don't ever seem to want to do something more fierce with this

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