Jack Dorsey Is Offering To Sell the First Tweet for $2.5 Million


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is selling the first ever published tweet. Dorsia shared a link on the digital platform called Valuables that allows for the buying and selling of tweets autographed by their creators kind of Ah, Digital's digital collector's item If you will. Yeah, The tweet for cell is Dorsey's first tweet in 2006. Which says Just setting up my Twitter misspelled too, By the way, Yeah, The current bid is $2.5 million. This is this is interesting is the world's first tweet worth that much? Do you remember your first post on the Twitter verse? But yeah, this is I think this kind of dilute him as the leader of Twitter, the creator of Twitter, because now all of a sudden well, let me we've always thought he had judgment issues when it comes to free access and free tweets, But I don't think this is kind of interesting 2.5 million Yeah. Trying to forget. What form does this come? ISAT? A framed pretty body. Yeah, pretty much.

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