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So make sure you jumping there and get involved today you anyway. How's it going. How you feeling good. Great amazing how man you know. Same same bond up feeding little bit clogged up. Obviously in the front of my face with these bloody allergies and stuff. I'm getting there little by little. Today is what today's champions league right champions league by which is always a boever abyss. We evening For me personally. Of course being mentioned night fan is difficult to watch these matches and see teams the templeton's league knowing that we should be in there ourselves but then also knowing that this car in administration and the glazers coaching staff with social is most likely going to disappoint us season in season now so just to kind of see how our clubs doing things and kind of hope that we are on that platform to pretty sobering after beyond. This has francavilla a pause on the where i feel. We might have taken the european runs for grunted for show. We should have one way more champions league. I'm trophies than than the than to. We wanted under as bridges to We should have one way more trophies than that. Obviously a lot of real nia mrs Where we kind of paid for not really having an effective transfer policy in terms of replacing midfield players evolving from the partnership of skulls in gigs. In the midfield or relies on. People like jason polka. Maybe was at the top look. Top top level needed wasn't at level needed at the moment at that time. Anyway to guess what we wanted to get to but thinking about it now. Actually the plays jason apartment. What would gifford play like him. Either in nineteen People would say maybe just ceiling. God's kind of reincarnation the more than one of jesus polka that level of play was like you know one of our players are we solve looked as a little bit less than and now we have players have gone for love money. Who probably shouldn't be playing anywhere near united. So same can be said for someone. Like a fletcher as a good example as well. But you know we go where we go. We go where we go also have to mention today that music wise. I finally meet music. Why so. I had this strange occurred. Strange occurrence strange occurs. Recently where i was fighting very difficult to upload and save sons on my itunes i guess something happened within an update. You know running at the moment of going back books on running big sur the momentum and if it's basically been updated after place to hardware because it died on me You know stuff in between. But i'm carly up in terms so i think somewhere between whatever lost backed up my i tunes account and whenever i bring sold is hard. Drive you up. I choose which is basically meant that for some reasons since tracks. When i played him on my laptop they skip so if i play an album truck one to two. It won't go right to the end. It will skip straight into track to which is no problem. I guess could hear the songs but it just annoying tons of playback and in a occasions stuff doesn't load up properly when i drag and drop it because i'm still old school in that way where i download some of my music and then kind of not physically drag and drop into my agents library and physically sink back into my phone so there can be some so slew of citizen data. Spatial milwaukee can occur in some points which is annoying. Don't get me wrong. But i finally after a lot of effort managed to fix it and find an a route to kind of get it all back in sync up in needs to be in. Of course it required some you know some really bog standard Things to do which meant essentially lied my entire library. Just keep the data files.

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