A highlight from Rameshwar Das


You walk made it weird with the homesick. what's happening. Where does it has been a while since we had a good old fashioned rahm cast a round cast for those of you. That don't know is podcast where we talk to someone who was close to in this case day. Friend of in this case ramdas One of the greatest teachers and friends and mentors and just wonderful people That i've ever known. If you don't know ramdas. I always tell people to start with experiments and truth which is an audio series. I know it's in the store It's it's wonderful Also there's a lotta great free content of rhonda's on youtube so you can always look for his talks on there. They're all wonderful to type in ram dass into youtube and check them out. If you're so inclined so this is ramesh dos We call them ramesh. And we we call them ramesh but everybody calls him rematch because rameshwar. Dos is very difficult to say He co-authored a number of books including one of my favorites polishing the mirror. Be love now and most recently. Rd's final book which is called being ramdas story. It's an autobiography of ramdas. And ramesh was the co author on this one as well and he nails it. It's incredible it's such a compelling read. There's so much stuff that even i didn't know and i'm obsessed with around us and there are so many new stories and so many new things to learn so i definitely recommend that book. Please check it out. It is available now. And

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