A highlight from The Asian Hate Check-In...PART II


Podcast a podcast for asian guys. Now from as you talk about american issues american cares about i'm your host. Bob and mike no-win we're convention live from somewhere in the us. I cannot say today for Various reasons but if you were listening to us on your phones right now please take a screen shot and posted on instagram stories. Taggart asian asia pod. We'd love to african hear from you. And if you do it all re tweet it and then you will be famous. I'm also nice. I guess we're still looking for video editor. So if you're if you're veto editor and please email us if you're an amateur okay. I'm being. I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm not trying to be dick. We need somebody who is as good video. Editing as as we are at comedy and what i mean by that is mike in. Hey we're not kevin hearts. We got netflix specials. But but were were prepared. We could do it tomorrow if they asked us. And that's the kind of guy we up. Kevin hill Somebody who's serious so don't don't email us if you're not serious but if you serious please email us. We'd love to hear from you anyways. How how's it going there. mike. I saw the other day in person and was the first time in like since august made. No you know what going gonna say. You're like i was like that was like your outfit is on point and i was like i have nothing left to teach you and then i just i just ascended to heaven. You know my job here is duh. The buddha like the buddha writing on the dragon as they say the yellow peril. Your mike is. He's not really in this for comedy. Podcasts he's really just fashion consultant hodgson at time and it took me six years at tj pants that fit and sneakers. That are on point. Honestly joking it took you six years to convince me Skinny jeans aren't cool anymore. I can wear something besides a backpack. The hold all your crap you dork. Oh my god. That's so funny. I started my backpack. And i was like. There's something different about you. it's just it's just not wearing. You have a cross body bag and people are like dick's bigger Like yeah oh boy well before we get into it. There's going to be just the two of us it's going to be just as get intense. Is going to get intimate. It's going to be ninety but before we get into what we wanna do. Our shout outs for our patriotic people. So once again. If you join our patriot at patriotair dot com slash asian that asian pod. And you give us some money on a monthly basis. We'll give you a shout out and try to get your ethnicity by our last name. So here we go. The newest drivers are obviously. We gotta give our Shout out to our producer who donates fifty bucks a month ryan. Cats always always happy to see your face or name on here. Yup thank you ryan judy. Judy lee l. e. lear lay dunno lay elliott by chinese chinese chinese. Then we got. This was wild door. Dior j. by yard tug talk b. o. Y. a. r. t. j. This guy's got a name like a mongolian sword. Okay guy mongolian sword okay. One hundred percent. If there was a mongolian care streetfighter. His name would be doors by one hundred. Hell yeah hell yeah. Let's let's i think we have like three mongo fans. So thank you for joining me charlotte. Deb d. i. b. that's a good old classic american. This girl works at ice cream shop in the midwest. Dude simple simple. She goes to church on sunday church. Call me darlie. That's what recalls. 'cause my darling yet. Coral lucero l. u. c. e. r. o. lucero. I wanted to say filipino. Because it has a kind of laremy sound. But i don't know if that's an unusual name isn't it could be greek. Maybe lucero. maybe yeah some sort of training this guy. This guy message does he was getting antsy. he's like yours. My shout i on march eighteenth. And i'm like okay takes a swiss bank account. Okay okay next week. At james james you know this is a fucking chinese ass name. I chinese james chinese. I honestly. I'm not even joking right now. There might be more chinese james in this world than than white james. Oh shit Yo yeah right you know. I mean that's the thing about about china with the economies of scale if everybody in like one percent of chinese were named james. That's more james than all the white jane. Yes that's sick. You know china. Yeah they can take things away from american culture by just doing it and that's our name now that our name james from from china then we've got judi tan n. Taiwanese taiwanese then. We got layla sousa this. She's she's layla from brazil she goes. Yeah now she's giving us money. Yeah well thank you so much for your donation if you wanna get on it. Just go to patriot dot com slash asian that asia pot and we will try to get your ethnicity on air. Today's theme. You know what. I forgot to even fucking write down. Today i want. I don't even know what the theme today it's complicated. There's gonna be a complicated one. I think is asian is being is is. It is being mad complicated. Asian or not asian. You know exactly. What does everything have to be complicated. Every levine said that. But also

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