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Think and deliver a gut punch to the american political system. You know and love nageen from her. Ted talk her film third street blackout and her book how to make white people laugh. Subscribe to a fake. The nation on spotify apple stitcher. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Hello and welcome to the league. I'd everything podcast about everything. I'm one of your host. Tom and i'm tim tim. I almost forgot the interest of the show which is appropriate because of the topic. Because that's something the topic can do make you forget fall. I should be clear. I'm drunk right now. It's a topic this week is legal. we'd yeah as we live in new york where what As of this recording a couple of days ago it was made all yet pot in the mail. And you have to smoke it. Your cuomo comes to your house watches you do it. Shakes his head disapprovingly. I'd like to state for the record at the beginning of this. I am not a drugs person. Yeah not one of these people. That's like i haven't been saying for the last My entire adult life. Hey legalize it. While i was going to say to him. You're going to have to come up with a new personality now because up until now you've been the legalize it guy. I don't look. I think i'm i'm happy that the governor was cut groping a bunch of ladies wanted to change the subject so he finally stopped blocking the prospect of legal legalizing marijuana in the state of new york. Yeah happy that people who have been incarcerated for low level drug offenses will have their records expunged in villette That's part of the deal. Here yeah because it's like The crime that you did is a crime anymore. So it's like if they legalize murder they'd have to let all the murderers out. Otherwise i wouldn't be fair. Yeah but i do not like we'd culture. I do not make people who are two into to weed. It's up and i don't like them as people i just don't like being around them are interacting with them. Well yeah i mean that's kind of the case with like anything like any kind of drug. I guess you could say because if somebody's like. Hey i'm i'm like a big alcohol guy. All i talk about is alcohol. And all i wear alcohol shirts and My my entire house is decorated with alcohol. Paraphernalia like that. It's got a drinking problem. Yeah you'd be like hey cool spuds mackenzie shirt and i really like the yet. Look just like all the dogs stuff in your house saying i can take leave the absolut vodka bottles with highlighter fluid in them but they do look pretty cool with the dark light so i take it back.

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