What good soft skills look like with Kristen Palana



Is joining us. Thanks for having us. I think for having us for some added context leon is also my wife and has been with our company almost since the beginning circus and you have a long impressive resume of all the things you do. Tell us a little bit about your background. Sure i'm actually coming to you from malawi in southern africa where have been living since twenty. Nineteen i'm actually Doing are in communication for two. Un organizations unfpa in unison have background is a university professor. And i'm scared to say that. It's been since two thousand but i was in my twenties when it started so i'm not that old i've been working with people on four continents students and other artists and workers. And what have you and soft skills. Actually a huge difference between someone doing really well and sort of fizzling out enough they're quote unquote really talented. Some looking forward to talking about it more. We actually found you through a highly rated you to meet horse titled soft skills clear success how to be excellent at work. How did you start teaching these skills. It's funny because your professors when you're in university probably one of their least favourite things they have to do. but we'll do is be an academic advisor. They tell you what classes you're supposed to take and if you get a good one the lawsuit can help you get into the career that you want and give you advice and i actually. Even though i wasn't looking forward to doing these meetings all day long. I found that i was actually quite good at it. And so alongside teaching our digital media illustration and animation. I found that my students were coming to me quite a lot for advising and i was teaching in new york city in new jersey and then for ten years in rome italy and then three years ago we moved to men mar and they're actually wasn't my field in the universities there so i started teaching for organizations and ad agencies. They're junior staff helping them. Be more confident at work. Be more able to ask questions able to give presentations basically not be so timid. So that's sort of how. I started with the soft skills class i. It was an online resource to a live training. I did in men mar and then once that was over i put it online and opened it up to a more international audience and now i'm helping also students here in malawi with that as well

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