A highlight from 1525: The Death of the Gym Industry?: A Reality Check With UFC Gym CEO Adam Sedlack

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Thanks for coming back lot has happened since we had you on the show. Last time we had you on the show last time we were like in like full. On lockdown gyms were not bit. Nobody was open. Yeah and now. Things are starting to move What's going on what are the. What are the rules. Look like so far. Felt like last time i was here. We couldn't even use the restroom without asking for permission right. Yeah no. I mean listen. It's been an absolutely insane year. Both in our industry. And let's face it around the globe and it's been so interesting to watch how everybody's handled it right whether it's political from a political point of view from a An organizational or corporate point of view all entrepreneurs. The good news is man. There's light at the end of the tunnel. Were coming out of it and you know a lot of people are feeling very very bullish. But now's the time. I you know i think when i when i you know just quickly when i when i think about everything that's been accomplished in our industry it's been incredible and had an opportunity to travel throughout the us. And i've been talking to a lot of people over the last three months and listen hats off to you guys because almost every conversation. I'm talking to my trainers in my coaches. You guys get brought up the service that you guys provide to the trainers out there in the in the so much of our fitness industry. I think it's more impactful than you guys know. So congratulations to you guys for the impact that you guys have But listen what have we learned from from cova pandemic. It's stuff that. I never really thought of scientifically until we went through this experience right. And there's one the big ole word obesity. You don't really understand what obesity does to people to community to your Your psyche there's there's so many challenges around the and then as we start looking at the data from covid nineteen. What did we see. We saw that you were ten times more likely to die if you were if you were you know how to be my forty or above And then the percentage of population. That's obese is absolutely insane and i think in when i started thinking about this and i started thinking about you guys. I'm like we have to start consolidating together as an industry and as experts in the media to get out there and start talking about this evil. Oh word because to me. Obesity causes cancer. It causes It causes anxiety. It doesn't allow you to sleep at night. It's a holistic disability that can impact everybody. And so i'll give you an update on the business a little bit later. But but i. But i felt you know. Hey i wanted to get your guys thoughts on how you look at obesity. It's the elephant in the room. Is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. We just brought this up on the show. The other day that the obesity rate is now forty. Five percent of americans are obese. Not overweight over seventy percent overweight were approaching eighty percent k which. That's almost almost. everybody is overweight. But forty five percent. Nearly half of america is obese clinically obese. It's this is how this is. How big of an issue it is if you look at If you compare. Life expectancy in health to other developed nations For example comparis- to italy or france would be an example. They smoke cigarettes at such high rates. In comparison to us and yet we have worse health. That's how bad obesity is four. You cigarettes you're better off not not encouraging people to go smoke cigarettes by the way. But you're better off Being lean and smoking cigarettes in you are being overweight and not smoking. That's how bad it is for. And then you mentioned covid. It's the number one risk factor for severe symptoms of covid of all the risk factors. It's the number one and it probably has to do with the the it affects our body's ability to clot blood are circulation. And then of course you hope would be a call to arms to really focus on bettering your health and improving your health right in and trying to reduce the amount of obesity that we're seeing so from your perspective you know when you think about obesity what the core cause of obesity. Obviously we know we have the modern day conveniences. We know that we have fast food. That's growing at record levels and we know that technology is reducing movement. But is there other things that you guys attribute to obesity. Yeah i if. I can hammer to two nails.

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